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'Build a Bot' Wall Decal-Wall Sticker

I'm fabric and reusable! wahooo!!!

Build a Bot' Wall Decal-Wall Sticker


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These robot wall decals are so much fun! Stimulate young minds and imaginations by mix and matching the robot head and body parts to create different ‘bot’ characters.


Transform your blank wall into a world of fun and imagination! Use this wall decal on its own for simple fun or combine it with others to create your own fabulous and unique wall art.


Reusable, repositionable and removable!


Please note, the spaceships as depicted in some of the pictures are not included.


47 chic fabric wall decals include:

9 Robot Heads

3 Pairs of Scientific Glasses

6 Robot Bodies

8 Pairs of Robot Appendages

9 Set of Robot Mechanic Limbs


Character Height: Varying from about 18” – 30” (45.7 – 76.2 cm)


Ecofriendly and made from non-toxic materials.

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