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Dinosaur Set (Medium) Wall Decal-Wall Sticker

I'm fabric and reusable! wahooo!!!

Dinosaur Set (Medium) Wall Decal-Wall Sticker


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Tripley awesome! The ultimate wall decal set for a little dinosaur enthusiast. Help your child create their own dinosaur scenes which can be changed as many times as they like.


Reusable, repositionable and removable!


This wall decal includes:

- 1 T-Rex with 1 Tree, 2 Tree Tops, 1 Plant (2 pieces)

- 1 Stegosaurus with 1 Tree, 1 Tree Top (2 pieces), 1 Rock, 2 Plants

- 1 Brontosaurus (2 pieces), 1 Tree, 2 Tree Tops, 2 Rocks

- Story Starters to inspire kids to create their own mural stories!


Each of these dinosaurs are also available for purchase separately using the following links:

Medium Stegosaurus or Large Stegosaurus

Medium Brontosaurus or Large Brontosaurus

Medium T-Rex


Non-toxic, green and pvc-free.

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