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Wondrous Woodland Tree Wall Decal-Wall Sticker

Wondrous Woodland Tree Wall Decal-Wall Sticker


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This wall decal is amazing. A woodland filled with all of your child’s favourite animal friends. Have fun positioning all of the characters around different walls in a room to really create a forest feel or you could even spread the trees and animals over two rooms!

This wall decal includes:

- 2 trees
- leaves
- 1 giraffe
- 1 elephant
- 1 fox
- 2 monkeys
- 3 squirrels
- 6 birds
- sun
- acorns
- grasses & rocks
- 1 owl
- tyre swing
- Installation & removal instructions
- Free test decal for practicing

Dimensions: 170"w x 92"h (432 x 233.8 cm)


Made from top quality vinyl from Germany and Belgium that is super thin to create a hand-painted look to your wall. Highly durable and washable. Removable but not reusable.

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